About American Vintage

Michael Azoulay, creator of American Vintage, is instinctive and inquisitive, and has created Women’s Dresses in San Francisco , with simple and stripped-back clothes, featuring unique details, comfort, materials and tones. He is now considered a Women’s Dresses in San Diego .

American Vintage is all about bringing new energy to women’s fashion using high-quality materials, with skillful mixes of natural fibers and bright colors. It’s about creating pieces that can be adapted to suit all personalities and styles by playing on ultra-trendy casual chic.Women’s Dresses in Jacksonville

All the basics are given a new lease of life. Relaxed style is given a new, more sophisticated twist and sportswear becomes chic. It’s all in the art of breaking things down to create new looks. It’s about knowing how to blend pieces, pairing a basic t-shirt with luxury pants. At American Vintage, single-tone looks do not exist.

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